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Startup Grind – Naked Hub Shanghai

On October 20, a 150 person Startup Grind event took place at the Naked Hub co-working space in Shanghai. I had the pleasure of hosting an open-form interview with Matilda Ho to explore her new creation, Bits x Bites, China’s first food-centric accelerator and venture capital fund. Bits x Bites is aimed at shaping the future of food sustainability by giving startups an opportunity to make meaningful and scalable impacts . We transitioned to an insightful Q&A, where three emerging topics, that I strongly believe in, were discussed:

  • Startups need to target the chinese investment community
  • It’s not the idea of the startup, but the team
  • Customer feedback is number one. If plan A, B & C fail, listen to your customers and plan D will work

Startup Grind, if you’ve never heard of it before, is a global community for entrepreneurs. Operating in 85 countries, they nurture startups by hosting monthly events and attracting thought leaders to speak to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.



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