Owen Matthews Tectorian of the Week Award
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Tectoria and Tectorian of the Week

San Fransisco has Silicon Valley. Victoria has Tectoria (Tech + Victoria).

Everyone who lives in Victoria knows that the Tech sector is number one, having surpassed the public sector a few years ago. With ~$4 billion in annual revenues and ~15,000 people directly employed by Tech its hard to miss the buzzing atmosphere here.

In short, it’s a point of pride for many people in Victoria about how the tech industry has morphed into a juggernaut. Punching well above its weight class, Victoria will continue to grow as a vibrant tech community.

Tectoria represents the convergence of technology, talent and entrepreneurship that is reshaping Victoria into a creative and innovative tech hub.

With this, I was greatfully awarded “Tectorian of the Week” for my continuous invovlements with the tech community.




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